A Letter From The Founder - Aqueeb Rauf

When I founded The Knit Klub, it was because I saw the incredible power of knitting and crocheting. I started talking to knitters around India and the world and listening to their story. 

Tanvi from Hyderabad sees knitting as a productive fidget. She says it's nice to be able to finish a project and have something tangible to show. 18 year old Ananya from Mumbai enjoys creating designs that strongly sets the mood of the person wearing them. Some felt that knitting calms them down as the repetition became meditative. After more than 120 heartfelt and honest conversations, I was convinced that people knit for numerous reasons, but everyone cherished the common sense of accomplishment that finishing projects brought. 

Yet many people had never tried knitting because it remained limited to people it was passed on to in the family. To make knitting more accessible we are bringing pattern instructions written in simple English to India. Hence The Knit Klub was born. With The Knit Klub experience, picking up knitting is as easy as ordering a kit. Everything you need to make a knitting project comes in the kit.

While talking to Indian crafters, I also realized that everyone was disappointed with the lack of high-quality yarn. After a year of looking for the perfect yarn, and not finding one, we designed our own cotton yarn ie Cool Soft Cotton. Its weight is ideal for a comfortable knitting experience and is exceptionally soft, unlike the commonly available ones.

TKK strongly believes in 100% natural fibers and we will stand with our philosophy in future launches. Our yarns do not and will not ever be composed of synthetic or acrylic fibers. 

Personally, I hope this endeavor provides everyone with an experience that is creative, soothing, and filled with accomplishments even when things are sometimes tangled. 

Finish Something Beautiful!

Aqueeb Rauf
Founder and CEO
The Knit Klub