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I am a beginner

Hello there 🤗


You can start a beginner kit with absolutely no background, even if you are as young as eight years old. Wait, eight is also not a limit. 


In fact, once you finish a beginner kit, you will have learned a few techniques, like garter stitch. As you feel confident, you can level up yourself. 💪 It is our job to keep you away from complex techniques while you are a beginner.  


In a simplistic world, knitting a garment will involve learning three steps: how to start, stitch, and finish. If our pattern for a scarf mentions stockinette stitch, just look up a tutorial 📺 video of making a stockinette stitch. After that, repeat the number of times noted in our pattern. That's it.


While the pattern that comes with the kit tells you the steps to construct a garment, we also recommend YouTube videos on our



It is perfectly normal to struggle in the first few rows. Our beginner kits are basically straight panels with just one type of stitch. They allow a vast margin of error so that your finished object will look great even with imperfections. 🤩


Can you directly jump to an Easy Kit? It is possible, as the process remains the same. But we would not recommend it.


You will do just great ⭐